Sedition Games


who are we ?

We’re a cooperative of coders, translators, and linguists who got tired of seeing games which were gorgeous in English,
but much simpler and sadder when translated.

Your game

We receive your game, and using a combination of in-house programmers, devtools & linguists, we carefully translate, so the translated version(s) will always look as good.


without Boundaries

means more players playing


Making your game truly Global !

our dedicated library contains dictionaries with
game-specific phrases in 30 languages !


Our focus

Our focus is to translate your game making it much more appealing for the receiving locale while
maintaining the look and feel of your original work to create better immersion.
This increases dramatically, the number of players able to play and enjoy your game.

Our Passion

We are game-specific translators, so our staff understand the quirks when we translate your games.


Our extensive library of game words & phrases in 30 languages will help you deliver your game to The World faster.


For countries that are regulated, we can translate your documents to pass the guidelines needed for your game.


You receive your own Project Ninja during the duration of your project, so your peace of mind is guaranteed.


in detail

We our proud of what we do, and this includes our Customer Services.
From initial contact to the release of your translated game.
You will receive your own Project Ninja who will oversee and communicate directly with you,
letting you know how your project is coming on, giving you the confidence that your game is in the best of hands.

We Receive.

When we receive the English version of your game, and how many languages you would like it to be translated to, we give you a time-frame for completing the works along with a competitive quote.

We Review.

Not all languages follow the same order as in English. This can bring issues up that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Our in-house linguists will look at the game and work with our programmers to recommend any changes needed for your game to look as good as the English version, in any given language. 


We Translate.

Our process.

Combining our industry leading devtools with our extensive game-specific Dictionaries, add to this our in-house linguists and you are assured your project(s) will be translated & completed at the time-frame given. 


Not all fonts in a game will support all languages. We have an extensive library of fonts for all the languages we support making your game look great in any language.

Internal QA

Once the translations and beautification process are complete, your translated game(s) will get a final check by our in-house QA team before releasing the game back to you.  

Your Game Goes Global!

Your game is now ready to go Global!
you will reach more players than ever before.
To expand in an ever growing market, will truly put you on the map!

You will be in good company.


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